Essential item ideas to put in a baby changing unit.

Recently I ordered and received a changing unit, and thanks to my other half, he kindly put it up for me because honestly I would have been useless. Prior to being pregnant, I never really considered items to go in a baby room, or of course items to go into a changing unit. When you... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy update: Week 34

Hello my lovely readers...I just want to say Thanks for being engaged and reading my means a lot. This week, I am in pregnancy week 34, it's crazy how quick time seems to be going, and as my due date is on May 21st, this leaves me with 5 weeks and 3 days left....although... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy update:week 33

staying positive: Hello to all my lovely readers, so I am in week 33 of my pregnancy, and it is going by so quick even though sometimes the days have been long. I am enjoying my alone time before little miss joins us. This week my other half painted her room, and the colour looks... Continue Reading →

31 Week update

Hello lovely readers again, hope you have been tuning in and had lots more time to read my blog. I cannot believe it but I am 31 weeks pregnant, well from tomorrow but still, its been a whirwind of emotions. This is a time of uncertainty and the unknown, I have been working from home... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy attire: Maternity clothes!

I wanted to write about my experience so far on maternity wear or so called pregnancy attire...I mean what is that anyway..wear what you want, but massively I wanted to discuss the lack of maternity clothes on the market, and my lack of knowledge of this before I got pregnant. I was astounded to find... Continue Reading →

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