One month of being a first time mum….we made it!

Hello and welcome back my lovely readers, or perhaps I should be welcoming myself back after being out of the loop for a while, but if it’s any excuse I have been raising a baby, and of course being a first time mum.

Firstly my little Annabella is 1 month old, actually she will be 5 weeks in 2 days, time certainly flies, but I also feel that I have been been able to be in a bubble and have genuine time taking her in and watching her grow, because of corona virus, I felt that myself and my husband and our baby could spend some special time as a new family.

It really makes me emotional to talk about this new aspect of my life, I feel like a changed woman, and feel that I see things in a whole different perspective, when you become a mum your priorities change and every decision you make, you think about a little person, both myself and my husband have discussed how she has made us so motivated, I have never seen my other half so motivated and determined to make a better life for his daughter, and I want to focus on a side business and my blog, so that there might one day be a possibility of me being a stay at home mum full time, for me my goal is to be present in her life, but to also achieve my own goals, both in life and financially.

Enough about motivation, let me talk about our first month as a family, we enjoyed lots of takeaways….we enjoyed so many cuddles altogether, and lots of walks, every time I take her out I feel so proud that she is mine and she is my responsibility. I feel so blessed to be called a mother and to have a family unit, however it has to be said that motherhood is not always easy.

When my other half went back to work after 2 weeks, at the beginning I struggled, I didn’t think I would be able to look after her on my own, which seems so stupid, but I just suddenly felt overwhelmed, my other half was amazing at taking care of house work, changing nappies, and allowing me to get extra sleep in the mornings…but somehow I managed, although there were some tearful days and when she didn’t want to be put down I found that the hardest, there were times during the night when I needed to nurse her that I really struggled to find the energy to get her out of the moses basket, and in the mornings when I just wanted to sleep, as time has gone on, being a mum has become easier, because I have learnt how to manage my time effectively and also not put too much pressure on myself, if I have to sit and cuddle her for a lot longer because she wants to be close to me, or she is a bit cranky and I have to change my day around then so be it, I have learnt that my main priority is her happiness, but I also need to take care of my needs and happiness and my sleep in order to be present and a good mum for her.

I have found that motherhood is the greatest gift I have ever been given, but it can also be challenging and emotional, but its a journey and I am learning so much along the way, I am learning to stay calm, realising that it doesn’t take 10 minutes to get out the house any more but more like 2 hours, and by the time your ready to leave there is a poo explosion to deal with or it’s time to feed her again, but I am learning not to have an agenda and to just allow myself extra time, feed her in the car, or wherever I need to, I think if you go with the flow and allow extra time and just enjoy the small moments then motherhood is easier.

it’s also funny because all the outfits I thought I had, well all I really wanted was easy baby grows, that take 5 minutes to put on and are easy to change, I just want her to be comfortable, so my sisters white baby grows certainly came in handy, now she can start to fit into 0-3 month old clothes, it’s much easier because we have lot’s more choice and she can start to wear little leggings or dresses, but baby grows are still my best friend.

If I have any advice to an upcoming new mum it would be this…be surrounded by people that you can talk to, friends or family, dont isolate yourself too much, also take any help that is offered, I had meals made for me and dropped off by my mum and sister, and because my mum isolated herself, she came and helped me so much, and having 5 children she has been a massive help, it’s having someone there so you can shower, or do something for yourself, it is so important to take some time for you, because it will take care of your wellbeing and help you be a good mother. Also go for walks have some fresh air and do things that make you happy…take everything slowly, and if you can’t do washing sometimes or have a clean house it honestly doesn’t matter…as long as your baby and you are cared for that is the main priority, and take time for all of you as a family….it is so important, those memories will last a lifetime, and she will only be little for a short time…treasure it.

From one mum to another, we are all heroes and there is not one right way to be a mum, find your happiness and your motherly way, and you will be just fine.

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