Pregnancy Update week 39: Midwife appointment

Hello and welcome back to this weeks episode of pregnancy update… you will find as always an update on my journey to become a mamma bear, during my last few weeks or maybe days of pregnancy during a pandemic. I am now 39 weeks and 4 days….eeeek!

This was a good week, we did a few things on the kitchen, my other half finished the painting in our kitchen, we had a lovely walk on the weekend at a country park, which was gorgeous, having had a bit of a melt down when we walked by the sea, and there being too many people, we went to the park instead, and it was just what I needed to calm myself down and feel good, and stop being hormonal and emotional. We have been trying to spend some time together, which inevitably is not that difficult when you are in lockdown, but I am talking quality time watching something together, and enjoying each other’s company, which I feel is important before the baby comes.

I am still feeling positive about the birth, although I do admit that there are some reservations and anxiety about labour at times, but I feel this is completely normal as it is my first baby. I have my hospital bag packed and her bag ready to go, just need to add some snacks, and her car seat is ready by the door, so we are good to go, it is just a matter of when little lady wants to make her big reveal.

One thing I was anxious about this week was a maternity appointment, mainly because on the telephone, when the appointment was booked, the midwife mentioned that there was an option for me to have a stretch and sweep, I had never heard of this, but basically it is a procedure by which they try so get things moving so to speak and to start labour, as they were doing my appointment a little early before 40 weeks, I was slightly sceptical, but I also trust the opinions and advice of doctors and midwives.

Once I got to the maternity appointment, there was only me and another lady there, who happened to be due the same day, so we kept our distance but we chatted, and she was on her third baby, so mentioned she wanted things moving and was getting the stretch and sweep, she also seemed like a pro so I am sure she knew what the procedure was and felt fully confident.

I was next up, so got called in where both midwives were wearing masks, gloves and full PPE equipment, I have found this at all appointments, and have always been impressed with all the measures that take place to look after pregnant women during this whole process. I had my urine sample checked which was all good and blood pressure, the midwife also realising I didn’t know many people in my local area mentioned a social media group, and the fact that she runs a mum and baby class which I thought was so kind of her to mention and note down for me, I really felt cared for, and have done throughout my pregnancy, so many times people fault the NHS but in my experience I have nothing but praise and admiration for the amazing job that the midwives do.

The next subject that came up at the appointment was the stretch and sweep topic, the midwife mentioned that she felt since it was my first baby, her opinion was that I should let nature take its course, and she also explained the risks that can come with a stretch and sweep, such as the waters breaking and then the baby could end up coming early…which she was explaining didn’t really make sense especially in the current situation and she didn’t want to put me and the baby at risk, I felt that after her explaining, my gut instinct was to not go with a stretch and sweep, after all my baby knows her birth date and knows when to come out, and I am in no hurry to push her out, the longer she is in there growing and getting healthier, the better, and having heard her heartbeat and her big movements today, we agreed that she is certainly cosy and happy inside my tummy, so that’s where she will stay until she is good and ready…the world is waiting for your big entrance my beautiful girl.

After this appointment, I was overwhelmed with positivity, also after having a discussion about breastfeeding, and the help that is out there that people don’t always know about, as well as understanding that first time babies a lot of the time go overdue, and that’s perfectly fine, I just want to wait and be ready for her. So that’s the delight of my 39th week, now it is just a waiting game.

My birth affirmation of the week is “relax the mind and the body will follow” and “I am prepared to meet whatever turn my birthing takes”.

To all the soon to be Mamma’s out there, know that your are doing an amazing job, trust your body and your instincts, and go with whatever you feel, not the opinions of others, when you feel overwhelmed, relax your mind, this is not an easy time but you will manage and at the end of it all you will deliver a beautiful baby. I am talking to myself as much as anyone else.

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  1. ‘The world is waiting for your big entrance, my beautiful girl’…I like that!! Great you’re going to let her come when she’s ready….best decision….can’t wait to meet her!


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