Pregnancy week 38: Nesting and cleaning

Hello again my readers, here we are at 38 weeks, still in a pandemic, wondering whether family will be able to properly meet our baby girl and how things will pan out.

Anyways this week whilst my other half has been working from home downstairs, I have been cleaning, doing lots of it, cleaned the bathroom, hoovered daily, did a picture collage to put in the living room and my other half did one too, which was fun, basically I am finding lots of things to keep me occupied when I should be resting.

we have been enjoying our daily walks more, and this week we had a walk by the sea which was delightful, until there were too many people, and we turned back, and I was also sweating like an idiot because of the heat.

My other half proceeded to finally sand down and smooth the kitchen walls ready for painting…until he realised we don’t have any kitchen paint, so the actual painting part will have to wait till the end of this week, when we can order in the paint, we also have some cementing to do in the house as well to do, so you know not much…..but her bedroom is ready and her moses basket is also ready so that is the main thing. One thing I have come to know is that when you purchase a property, it will always be a work in progress, for at least a while, but I am excited to carry on work this week in the house and see how much progress we can make. I am in love with our cosy living room at the moment, for me it is a place of calm, and with our photos freshly put up, it gives me a sense of happiness, and I feel that is so important in a house.

Cleaning tips of the week:

So this week we cleaned our oven and a few people asked me how I did it, well my other half sprayed the oven because of the smell of chemicals, we used Mr Muscle oven cleaner and it worked wonders, spray into your oven, and leave in there for no more than 30 minutes, we then wiped it down with a hot cloth, and a metal sponge…and it really did clean it well, I would wear gloves to protect your hands. But that’s my cleaning tip of the week.

Another cleaning tip that my mum shared with me, is to clean one thing at a time, clean the toilet one day, wipe down the sides the next….then you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with lots of house work, with me already being an anxious person, I have found that under lockdown I have become a little obsessed with cleaning and this has meant that I have struggled to relax sometimes, so it is all about finding the balance and finding some you time.

I really have been nesting this week, I revived some house plants and put one in the living room, and one in the bedroom, I have found plants to be so calming, but I am not always good at looking after them.

This week I also had a conversation with a midwife who gave me a phone call, checking how I am, and also booking me in for a stretch and sweep procedure if I so want it at a face to face appointment next week, 3 days before her due date, I will be honest I am a little scared of the procedure, but I will go for it to get little girl moving if she hasn’t come yet.

So a lot went on this week, but I am really enjoying these last days despite having things to do, and I am really excited for her arrival, it will be a different time to be bringing her into the world, but I have a supportive family and I am thankful for everything around me right now, when I feel anxious or apprehensive I find it helps to think about all the things I am grateful for.

We can all get through this, and I hope we come out with a better appreciation for the world we live in and the people within it, may we be better, kinder, and stronger.

on a slightly funny note, the question is will the kitchen actually be painted by the time she comes, as well as the odd jobs round the kitchen and hallway to be done, , when my other half says “yeah it’s all good, it will be complete”, in his laid back attitude I still ask the question will it….this is to be continued.

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  1. Ha ha….sounds like you’ve done a lot of work, both your hubby steadily plodding through jobs, and you keeping it all clean. I think if it helps keep it up-a little activity is so good-but do get your feet up sometimes and RELAX…often these jobs help our state of mind as well as our body. You’re so close now! You’ll be meeting her soon!!!

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes I will be relaxing a little more this week, that is for sure. Xx


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