Week 37: Pregnancy update

Well here we are, I didn’t make it to write a blog post on the actual day of 37 weeks which was last Friday, so technically now I have about 2 weeks and 3 days left…eeeeek, she will be here before we know it.

So how am I feeling:

This is a question that I am being continuously asked, well I am just feeling normal, ok, how am I supposed to be feeling being pregnant in a pandemic, doing the best I can, cooking and cleaning lots like a wierdo….haha I am the only one in my house along with my other half and our dog, so aside from us, not sure which guests I am expecting for me to be cleaning so much, but I will call it nesting…

This weekend was at times difficult for reasons I wont go into, there were good times and bad, as of course there always is, but I found myself being increasingly emotional this weekend and really wanting to shut off from the rest of the world, and it seems like every time I want to shut off, I get inundated with calls and messages from people, some that I may not have heard of in while, wanting to suddenly know how I am, so this weekend I had a day of shutting off my phone and it felt good, but there was a day when I physically could not get out of bed or draw back the curtains, I couldn’t sleep at night, tried to sleep in the day and still couldn’t, that probably contributed to my tears, and I am sure there will be tears some days when she arrives and I am sleep deprived.

I am grateful for my family and friends that have kept me going during this time, and I am proud of the fact that despite everything I have actually remained fairly positive throughout the lockdown, and found ways to keep myself occupied.

I truly believe that she has been given to us at the right time, at a time during this lockdown, where we have been able to have something to look forward to, we have both suffered with mental health struggles, and feeling down sometimes, but I feel such overwhelming happiness knowing that she is just around the corner.

On another note, yesterday we received our pram, I candy Peach Bermuda….hello!! Somehow we managed to split the cost and purchase it, the last purchase…for now at least. We initially were going to be gifted a pram from my other half’s generous parents, but lockdown and everything, it felt right that we should just sort it out ourselves and it worked out to still go with the same brand, but something we found in the sale. I of course was so overjoyed by the delivery of the pram, that half asleep, I ran down the stairs…well waddled, opened the door, and then said hes gone with the package, I believed I had got to the door too late, and the driver had gone, thinking we weren’t in, only to turn round and find Jeff in hysterics, saying if you are looking for your package, its right here….oops, there it was under the stairs looking at me, so that’s my funny story of the week.

We have not opened the box yet, but when we do, I will be sure to share my views of it, and show pictures in a separate blog post. So that is the extent of this week so far, I have been going for walks daily, cooking which I find is like therapy….chicken stew and dumplings today, which genuinely warmed my soul, she has been moving every evening and in the mornings, constant movements to let me know she is ok, I have also experienced some pains, but none that have formed into labour, and so far she seems pretty happy to stay in there, I don’t blame her, nice little cocoon away from the world….sounds like a delight.

I also received a lovely package from a friend this week, which contained a purple gym ball, for me to sit on and to help me ease my aches and pains. I cannot recommend a yoga, gym ball enough for late pregnancy, it helps to relax, destress and also help with pelvic floors and hip movements, to get you ready for labour.

So that is my 37 week update, and if you want to have a good laugh, check out the photo of me trying to keep balance on a yoga ball.

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  1. Well, quite moving, this one, yet you made us laugh!! What things we pass through in life, eh…well especially in pregnancy-and lockdown!! But you really should feel pleased with yourself that you’ve battled through the downs and kept pretty chirpy and kept yourself busy-well done you!! Thanks again, Ruth!

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