Skin care and well being during later pregnancy

Well today is a rainy day, so I thought why not write a blog post, put my feet up and sip my peppermint tea whilst talking about skin care and well being in pregnancy, sounds good to me, so here goes.

Firstly I wanted to say that I am entering into week 37, which means baby is getting closer and yes I am counting down the days, because she will give me many reasons to be happy, and during this pandemic I am hugely grateful to have a little person to look forward to.

This week I finally received some skincare products that I ordered a while ago, so I decided to do a little video and share my product test on social media, and also wanted to share with you all, as I really enjoyed using the products. During pregnancy I feel it’s important to use products that are as natural as possible, without an excess of chemicals and using natural ingredients, it’s also important to give yourself some time during the week for yourself, moisturize, do a facemask, have a bath and indulge as much as possible before the little one arrives.

I ordered products from hello body UK, you can easily order their products online and because I am an ambassador for them I get discounts, as well as being able to offer a discount code for anyone that would like to try the products, so if you go on to their website which is attached, and use the code GLITTER48 you can get discounts, and believe me their products are well worth a try. I purchased the Aloe Wash, Cara Rise- Anti Ox face glow drops as well as a clay pink face mask. The face mask I have not used yet, however the face wash smells and feels amazing on the skin, and it is made from two simple ingredients, cucumber and Aloe Vera. the face glow drops you add to moisturizer and again it smells amazing, I know this will come in handy when I have a newborn and don’t feel like putting makeup on, but just want my skin to have that glowy, moisturized feeling.

These products are not tested on animals and they are made from natiral ingredients, which is why I choose to represent the brand, although people that I know have not purchased the products yet, I love what the brand represents, ordinary women and real women, which is what we need to see more of. I have attached a short video with the products that I used.

I urge all pregnant women and mummies out there to indulge this week, and allow yourself to rest and be pampered, not only to keep your skin healthy but for your well being, I am learning to listen to my body and know when I don’t need to accomplish something in the day, but instead need to rest and take care of my body.

Click on the link below to use my discount code and also see the products for yourself.

A short video of the products I have tested out.

3 thoughts on “Skin care and well being during later pregnancy

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  1. Hi there, I loved your blog, a diary about your pregnancy is a great way to keep memories alive while helping other mommies to dive in this journey. Thank you so much for the follow. I follow you back. Let’s be friends!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Absoloutly it is!! I do it also because I enjoy writing so much and I know that I will look back on this time and know that I came through the other side, I really would love more mums to read my blog and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thanks a lot for the follow.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They will I am sure. My blog is loaded with helpful information for pregnancy as well, I hope you stick around too, xo.


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