36 week update: preparing for birth, midwife discussions and my hospital appointment.

Welcome back my lovely readers, so this week was not the easiest but also lovely at points if that even makes sense, I find that during this pandemic it has been a combination of major ups and major downs, myself and my other half do well together most of the time but there have been struggles mentally at times for both of us, but I do believe that this time is making us much stronger as a couple before the arrival of our baby girl.

This week I had my 36 week scan at the hospital, this was to check her growth, her movements and to also discuss a birth plan, well my preferences, as you can’t really plan a birth, that is out of my control.

If I am being honest I was anxious the night before and apprehensive as to how it would be going to hospital in the middle of a pandemic, the media certainly has a way of making us all believe the hospitals are overrun and they are not places we would want to be at the moment, of course some hospitals in the city are overrun and as much as possible we need to keep away. On this occasion I must say I was pleasantly surprised, I armed myself with sanitizer and the car park barriers were open and it was easy to park in comparison to usual, I was anticipating seeing lots of covid 19 patients but again thankfully it was much the opposite, the hospital was quiet and we tok the lift up and there was no sign of many patients at all, I saw one hospital patient.

I discovered that the maternity department is completely separate from the rest of the hospital and pristinely clean, it seemed I didn’t notice the finer details before. I had to buzz in to even get through the door, and there were marks on the floor for people to keep their distance. My husband has been working from home this week, so he came with me, we were not sure if he would be allowed in, but at this point the receptionist explained that it was only myself that could go in, and he was thoroughly disappointed but took himself home, which to be honest felt really horrible, but he understood.

I went through into the waiting room, and then got called to have the scan, all of the doctors and midwives were wearing masks but other than that it felt completely normal, it felt amazing to see my little girl on the screen, but I didnt see too much of her it was more to see her growth and measurements, I was told that she is now 5 pounds, which I think is quite big, but was told that she will be a fairly small baby and she was just slightly below average, maybe we will be having a little mini Latina baby, getting her genes from her dads side, as I am really tall.

Speaking to the midwife and making a birth plan

The next appointment on the same day was to speak to the midwife face to face, she was absolutely amazing, creating a very informal chat and discussion in regards to how I wanted my birth to go, she explained a lot about hypnobirthing, and listening to podcasts to create a relaxing mental state of mind for going into birth, research has shown that creating a calming environment and hypnobirthing can reduce your labour time.

After having a discussion, I decided that I will be listening to hypnobirthing, calming podcasts and music, and will practice breathing techniques, I also will have my own room to begin with, and this will include a relaxing birthing pool, although I know plans can change, I want to make the experience as natural and calm as possible, however having discussed pain relief, I want to be in the hands of the midwives and if they feel I need pain relief, and after listening to my body I am in agreement then of course that will be provided. It felt really positive to have such a lengthy discussion with a midwife and honestly I cannot fault the experience that I have had throughout my pregnancy, I think the national health service does an amazing job, and their care cannot be faulted.

I can honestly say that I felt a massive sigh of relief after this appointment, and I didn’t feel scared about the possibility of catching covid 19 in my birth, as everything is completely separate.

I now feel much more positive and ready to go into birth with open eyes and an open mind, and to welcome our baby girl into the world. I do believe this process has been hard for my other half, for him not to feel her inside means that a man can struggle with creating a bond, he wanted to see her on the scan so that he could know that she is ok, but now he is just so excited to have her in his arms, and they will have the best bond ever.

I hope if anyone who is having a baby during this pandemic is reading this, I hope they find comfort in this writing, and knowing that it will be ok.

“I am stronger than I think, and I can do this”.

I felt this picture gave the image of what I want to achieve, calm, serenity and peace!

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  1. What a beautiful piece of writing, and I’m sure anyone who’s pregnant at this unusual time would find comfort in reading your experience of feeling afraid, and then feeling so relieved after your scan appointment. I so enjoyed reading this-I appreciate how honest you are about all the different emotions and ups and downs you and your husband have passed through-really helpful for others to hear, I’m sure. Always enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to the next!


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