Pregnancy week 35: Birth considerations and Coronavirus

To all my readers, thanks for tuning in. This week, I wasn’t quite sure what to write about, there were a few days when I didn’t really feel myself due to different things going on, as well as mostly sometimes being alone during my days, when my other half was still working, he is now working from home but this week wasn’t easy for the both of us, there are up and down days during this pandemic and I think things can just get to your mental health.

As someone who suffers with anxiety, as well as being someone who always wants to know what’s going on in the days ahead, not being able to properly plan the times ahead fills me some days with emotions, this sounds ridiculous in the grand scheme of things, but the unknown scares me. Throughout my pregnancy I felt so cared for by the hospital and my midwife, going to different midwife appointments, and then suddenly the other week I was told that the midwife appointments will be over the phone, but I have only had one short phone call, then the next appointment which was to check whether I can have an epidural, as I have a back condition was cancelled, and I was told that would also be a phone consultation, but I haven’t been told when.

All of these aspects suddenly changed, my antenatal scan appointment is still going ahead luckily, however whether or not my other half can come to this, I am not sure of, so we are both going and we will see what happens. A part of me is nervous of walking into a hospital, we of course will take precautions and will be sanitizing as much as possible, I will let you know how that appointment goes.

Before this pandemic, I had so many ideas of how I wanted my birth to go, calmly and smoothly as much as possible of course, and knew I wanted my other half and my mum there at the same time, now I have established that only my husband can be there, and honestly I am truly grateful for the fact that at least he can be there, as thoughts crossed my mind of me going it alone. I want this pandemic to be over because I want a safe hospital environment to bring my baby into the world, I also want to be able to visit family and friends and want to be able to have my mum around. As it stands now my thoughts are to bring my baby into the world as safely as possible, I will be listening to some hypnobirthing podcasts to calm myself, and will make sure that I trust in the midwives and listen to my body.

The words “you are stronger than you think” has come up quite a few times in different articles in reference to giving birth and pregnancy, this has really resignated with me, after all my body was made to do this, and I will ensure I rest and eat well and do all I can to keep myself healthy, the rest is not in my hands, and this is something I have learnt to realise.

I am proud of the fact that despite struggles that have come my way in my pregnancy, I have bounced back and stayed as positive as I can, this is just another struggle, but I am so excited to get through the birth and have the most amazing human at the end of it.

This week it has to be said, that what has made me feel positive has been going for a walk on a daily basis when I can…walking in nature is good for the soul and mental health and for sure it makes me happy.

The tip I can give is so try and stay positive, surround yourself with things you enjoy and don’t overthink your birth…after all you are stronger than you think.

A little photo from our walk the other day. Its amazing the places you can find that are on your doorstep, when you stop to take it all in.

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  1. You’re amazing!! For someone who’s pregnant for the first time during a pandemic, I just appreciate how positive you have kept yourself overall!! It is scary anyway, because its all unknown, and of course more so now, BUT you sound so sensible and are working hard at keeping yourself positive-I really admire that & think your honesty & positivity will be an encouragement to others in the same situation! Well done you!! Like you said-your body’s designed to do this! 👍


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