Baby Checklist

So there’s that all important checklist…I will be perfectly honest I had absolutely no clue to begin with what an earth I would even need to write on a baby checklist, luckily the big things like a pushchair, car seat and a cot are all being gifted to us so this made the checklist so much easier, and it also means that there is a strong chance we wont go bankrupt before the baby comes. Before you start your checklist make sure that you have a budget in mind, and also buy the essentials without going overboard with plenty of items you may not need. You can split your list into categories, Health, Essentials, bath items, Nursery items and also remember Mamma items, you have to look after yourself before you can look after a little human, so remember your importance when writing your checklist.

So let’s begin….


  • Sudacream
  • Thermometer-These tend to come in a set and you can get them from Amazon
  • Nail File
  • Baby rash cream
  • suncream
  • Mini First aid kit
  • Cotton Wool pads
  • Maternity pads

Nursery Items:

  • Baskets for nappies etc
  • Changing unit
  • Cot
  • Bookshelf-not necessary, but a nice touch to put photos and books on
  • Changing mat
  • Moses basket perhaps for your bedroom.
  • Wardrobe or chest of drawers if you don’t have one for clothes.

Bath Items:

  • Mini bath for baby
  • hooded towel
  • Bath toys like rubber ducks…but not necessary until older
  • Burt’s bees shampoo and wash-something organic and unscented is best.


  • Nappy Sacks
  • Baby Wipes-water wipes are great, unscented and made from water.
  • Breastfeeding cover-Only if you want to breastfeed and want a cover.
  • Car seat mirror-Preferable so you can keep an eye on your little one.
  • Formula-In case you can’t or don’t want to breastfeed.
  • Baby bottles & Teets
  • Dummies-not always necessary but may come in handy as soothers.
  • Laundry bag-separate from other clothes, to keep everything sanitary.
  • Nappies-don’t go overboard.
  • Baby onesies-babygrows
  • Blankets for puschair
  • Blankets and bedding for Moses basket or cot.
  • Baby carrier-some may not class this as essential, but a friend recommended that this was vital with her baby, as it really helps the process from the womb to the world, and allows your baby to bond with you, as well as still being cocooned, simulating being inside the womb.
  • Changing bag-I got mine from Kath Kidston in the sale for £35.00, so there are some amazing sales out there.

Mamma items:

You will really be feeling exhausted and you need some nice items as well as some items to help with the healing process….I am talking like I know how I am going to feel, the facts are haven’t got a clue as I haven’t had my little girl yet, but I imagine that it might be nice to have some essential Mamma items as well as the necessary bits to help with the healing process.

  • Bath essential oil-that’s if you get a chance to have a bath.
  • Facemask
  • Nipple shields-important for the healing process.
  • Nipple cream
  • Breast pads
  • Maternity pads
  • Relaxing massage oil, to help with that all important healing
  • Moisturizer-natural if possible to help with dry skin
  • Bodyshop mint face mist-totally not essential but my word it’s amazing especially when you don’t have time or don’t want to put makeup on.
  • Comfy underwear and nursing bra’s
  • Big comfy pants-actually so important.

So there you have it….that’s my checklist, fortunately for me I have had the massive help of my sister who has a little girl to gift me things, give me advice and help me know what items are necessary, as well as other family and friends to give me top tips. Always remember that your check list is personal to you, so it is entirely up to you what to put on there, what may be necessary for one Mum, may not be for another. As long as you are providing items that will make your life easier in the long run and make you happy then that is what is most important. If it was up to me without advice, I would have bought all the things I didn’t need like headbands and pretty items, luckily I have people to keep me grounded and my other half to help to be an adult.

So I hope this will help you Mamma’s out there to create your baby checklist, and remember to have a budget in mind and don’t break the bank, but have fun with it.

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