Baby Checklist

So there's that all important checklist...I will be perfectly honest I had absolutely no clue to begin with what an earth I would even need to write on a baby checklist, luckily the big things like a pushchair, car seat and a cot are all being gifted to us so this made the checklist so... Continue Reading →

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One month of being a first time mum….we made it!

Hello and welcome back my lovely readers, or perhaps I should be welcoming myself back after being out of the loop for a while, but if it's any excuse I have been raising a baby, and of course being a first time mum. Firstly my little Annabella is 1 month old, actually she will be... Continue Reading →

Week 37: Pregnancy update

Well here we are, I didn't make it to write a blog post on the actual day of 37 weeks which was last Friday, so technically now I have about 2 weeks and 3 days left...eeeeek, she will be here before we know it. So how am I feeling: This is a question that I... Continue Reading →

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